Articles and Papers

Chris Skinner is a prolific author of opinion pieces and research for a variety of organisations including the Financial Times, The Times, The Banker magazine, BAI’s Banking Strategies and more. His writing generally takes two forms – opinion pieces and research papers:

  1. opinion papers are based on Chris Skinner’s general knowledge of the markets on a specific subject;
  2. research papers take longer to write and often involve meetings or interviews with key players in the markets.

These services are provided as work authored by Chris Skinner, and copyright is reserved by the Financial Services Club. This means that the work is licensed to the sponsoring firm and may be reproduced for the explicit purpose requested. Further reproduction is allowed under the express permission of the Financial Services Club.

Chris Skinner also produces papers as content for companies who wish to demonstrate their own thought leadership and market knowledge without reference to Chris Skinner’s name, for example, as ‘ghost-written’ articles using the name of the sponsoring executive within the firm. In this case, the copyright is given to the sponsoring firm to reproduce the work in any form and through any media it wishes.

“Chris is perhaps the first writer I know who successfully captures the pulse of the financial services industry not from a European or American, but from a truly global perspective.”

Founder and Editor-in-Chief, the Asian Banker

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