Money for Nothing and your Cheques for Free

If you think that money is important (and who doesn’t), then so is the ability to process money – in other words, payments. And that’s what this book is all about: from processing payments over the internet and on your mobile telephone; to payments via cards, cash and cheques; to massive international payments operations and the challenges faced by banks in these areas, including the continual vigilance needed to avoid money launderers and terrorists. The Complete Banker series of books is based upon Chris Skinner’s influential blog. The series provides the reader with all they need to know about banking and is split into key themes covering retail, commercial and investment banking and the way they are being changed by economics, politics, technology and society. For the amateur and the expert, the knowledgeable and those seeking knowledge, the economist and the politician, the banker and the banked, the Complete Banker series provides you with the truth about the banking. Not just the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth … but the Complete Truth.

Price: $19.00

Author: Chris Skinner

Paperback – September 24, 2010

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